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Coral Bay has tours to suit everybody, no matter what your age or capabilities! If the Coral Breeze, Quad Bikes or Manta Ray tours are not your thing check out these tour options from around town listed below.

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Other Tours in Coral Bay:


*The tours listed on this page are ran by other operators in Coral Bay the pricing and information is subject to change without notice – prices will be confirmed at time of booking*



If you don’t fancy getting into the water but still want to see the world-famous coral of the Ningaloo Reef, then a 1-hour coral viewing tour is for you… Hop aboard the subsea Explorer or even a flat bottom glass bottom and watch as marine life of the reef go about their daily lives. Learn about the fish and the coral by listening to the informative commentary given whilst on board.


1 hour Coral Viewing

from $60 Adult ~  $45.00 Child ~  $199.00 Family (2A/2C)*


2 hour Coral Viewing and Snorkelling
from $90.00 Adult ~  $65.00 Child ~ $295.00 Family (2A/2C)*


WHALE SHARK INTERACTION (Available March – June)


Coral Bay is lucky to be visited by these gentle giants of the ocean annually between March and June.  A full-day tour is offered to take you out in search of these amazing creatures where you’ll slide into the water and swim alongside as they glide their way through the clear waters of the Ningaloo Reef. These tours depart daily at approximately 7.30 am over the months of March to June.


Full Day Tour from 
$470.00 Adult Snorkeller* 
$330.00 Adult Observer* 
$395.00 Child*
$1550.00 Family (2A/2C)*


WHALE WATCHING (Available June – September)


Witness the migration of the mighty Humpack Whale as they pass the Ningaloo Reef to warmer waters to deliver their playful pups…  Join a boat cruise to take you to view this spectacular event, you may be lucky enough to see them breaching, tail slapping or even if they’re just cruising you will marvel at the sheer size of these amazing creatures.  Snorkelling with the humpbacks is now also available


3-hour Tour – from $125.00 Adult – $85.00 Child*

Full Day Snorkelling with Whale Interaction – from $450.00 Adult – $385.00 Child*




With underwater scooters you can glide effortlessly over amazing Coral formations become a dolphin with the aid of Underwater SEE-DOO scooters No experience needed as all training will be done on the day.


1 Hour Guided SEE-DOO Scooter Snorkel from ~ $80.00 Adult*




Want to catch that big one!!  Then join the experienced crew aboard a fishing charter!  They will take you to some of the best fishing spots in Coral Bay, all equipment is provided and they will even fillet and bag your catch for you at the end of the day.  Your day will entail light game fishing and bottom fishing.  Heavy game fishing charters are also available upon request…


Full Day Charter from                               Half Day Charter from
$320.00 Single Line*                                  $280.00 Single Line*

$470.00 Adult/Child Share Line*               $415.00 Adult/Child Share Line*

$520.00 Adult/Adult Share Line*              $470.00 Adult/Adult Share Line*




What a great way to see the Ningaloo Reef.  The pilot will take you up to see the amazing layout of the Ningaloo Reef with the clear turquoise waters boasting a range of marine life which can be spotted easily from up above.  Apart from the amazing coastline you may also spot turtles, dolphins, manta rays and certain times of the year humpback whales and whale sharks.


15 minute flight – from $270.00*
25 minute flight – from $300.00*
40 minute flight – from $400.00*
60 minute flight – from $500.00*




Snorkel with manta rays, and two dives on the world-class Ningaloo Reef with the experienced crew of Coral Bay’s dive shop. The warm, crystal clear waters, fish, coral and amazing array of marine creatures are all here.

From $240.00 (Equipment included)*


*As the tours listed on this page are ran by other operators in Coral Bay the pricing and information is subject to change without notice – prices will be confirmed at time of booking*


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